Who Are We?

Shakuf ("Transparent") is Israel’s first media organization that is fully and directly owned by the public, and operates under public's direction. We have no ads, no tycoons influencing our editorials, no support from foundations, trusts, or government funding. We are solely funded by the general public.

This model allows us to produce high quality investigative reporting, free from any commercial or political interests.

Why are we needed?

News media is unique: on one hand, media companies are businesses like any other, while on the other, the press plays a major role in democracy and politics – keeping an eye out for those in power, and unveiling wrongdoings and corruption.
The press’ financial model is collapsing, which in turn leads to businessmen acquiring journals and newspapers as a means of gaining influence. The media’s one-time role as a fair watchdog has been abandoned, and the public has begun to lose its trust in those who deliver the news. We are here to solve those problems. We are here to provide free, high-quality, independent journalism.

Join as "Publisher" and take part in revolutionizing media coverage in Israel.

What differentiates Shakuf from other outlets?

To protect ourselves from foreign interests, we created a new financial model for journalism: our funding (every last bit of it!) comes from private individuals who support us on a monthly basis, with any amount of their choosing.

At Shakuf, our “publishers” are our monthly backers – and they are those who decide, via a democratic voting process,  what we shall investigate, on who we will keep tabs, and what behind-the-scenes actions we will bring to light.

The topics we cover are relevant to every person in Israel: uncovering corruption, shedding light on the decision making process, transparency, environmental issues, the economy, and in the near futures, also culture, sports and other topics.

Our Own Transparency

  • We demand transparency from our elected officials, but we demand even more from ourselves. As our partners and supporters, we want to show you where your money goes and how it is used to do good. Our budget is available for all to see.
  • We are a nonprofit organization, taking no political sides: We keep watch on all parties, and care only for the interests of the public. See for yourselves.

Join us and together we will change the state of media coverage!

Shakuf is an established media organization, wholly funded by 6392 public publishers (2020)!

Now we are growing from a small operation – into a big media powerhouse, for democratic and active journalism. You are not buying a subscription – you are joining us as members, partners. You will have a voice and actively be involved in our decision making process.

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